Buying the tickets to Florence, I specially chose an option to change flight in Zurich to watch this city as well. As a result, I had a couple of hours for a walk in the city center, but it was also enough for some bright impressions. When I'm traveling I always practice the street photography, communicate with local people, try to study some details of the urban structure and way of life of locals. Some stories I'm looking for, and some of them find me.
That day was the celebration of the end of winter - Zechseläuten (Sechseläuten).  There is a festival every year on the third Monday of the April in the city. A parades of city guilds and children's marches are organized, and in the ending on specially folded from old trees a fire solemnly burn a stuffed snowman. I had no enough time to wait the beginig of parade because of the lack of time, but I managed to shoot one roll of Fuji400h film to share my impressions of the city.